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Oya Large Platter in Natural Shell

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In Africa, Oya is known as the Yoruban Goddess of fire and weather. In ancient African mythology, Oya is in charge of tornadoes, lighting, rainstorms, and fire itself. Oya is known as powerful, charming, domineering, and persuasive. She is known to help women who call on her for protection during times of need or when there are conflicts nearby that are proving difficult to resolve. 

Because Oya is not only known as the Goddess of Fire, but also the Goddess of Weather, she is no stranger to change and growth. In African mythos, she is also believed to help clear new paths for the future while simultaneously watching over the dead and their transitions from life into the afterlife realms.

Designed as part of our ‘A Moth to the Flame’ Collection.


Approximately 50cm x 26cm.


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With hand-written lyrics and an exclusive pink powder vinyl, these Clay by LB x Impressed Recordings records are limited to only twenty-five copies.

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