Nothin' but a heartache

With Valentines Day just around the corner, ISSUE ONE celebrates its antithesis - heartbreak. We’ve all felt it, from artists to rockstars, and maybe we need its gut wrenching to appreciate and feel.

Either way, it cuts deep.


Clay By LB; Issue One

For the very first CLAY BY LB ISSUE, in the month universally dedicated to love, this collection is inspired by its ruthless aftermath - heartbreak.

To the thousands of ships launched in its bitter causatum, to the billions of songs written in its wake. To the moments of devastating aching that remind us what it is to feel, remind us to appreciate the joys that now seem so far away.

“Without pain, would we ever feel rapture? Without our own stories to project on them, would all the songs and art that moves us so even matter at all?” asked Jess Blanch.


The ultimate breakfast cake

With hints of pistachio, vanilla and coconut for the perfect brunch accompaniment to your second (or third) coffee.

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