Recipes of Love

It's famed as one of Gary Chapman's love languages; and quite simply, we need it to survive. Much has been written about the importance of breaking bread together, cooking for those in our lives is just another way to say, I love you.

Here is a collection of our favourite recipes to consolidate love. LB X


The ultimate breakfast cake

With hints of pistachio, vanilla and coconut for the perfect brunch accompaniment to your second (or third) coffee.

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'One Night In Bangkok' chilli oyster recipe

One night in Bangkok

And the world's your oyster

Heat it up with this chilli oyster entree recipe. Murray Head knows where it's at.

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The Breakfast Club

"I used to know this man in Paris, who refused to drink coffee from a take away cup. He used to say the best part about having a coffee was that you would stop your day, a brief pause for collection and clarity. And if you just get it to go on the run, then there’s no point even having it. He used to call it “a hit of clarity, more than a hit of caffeine.." "

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