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Two Gurus Carafe in Mud

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Named after one of our favourite couples and their love song ‘The Ballad of John and Yoko’, our mud water carafe owes her curves to the naked female body. Made by hand from a dark high iron Australian clay body, Two Gurus is lovingly buffed to a sensual gritty texture.
The ultimate piece of functional art - a show stopping edition to your dinner table.

 Lou, Alvi and Leila all wear clothing by Sunshine Symbol from Before March Boutique.

 Orders will be shipped 4-6 weeks after purchase. 



Each piece of Clay By Lilli Boisselet is entirely crafted and glazed by hand and is a unique piece of art.

Irregularities in size, shape, glaze, brush strokes & texture, reflect the genuine human touches received during the making process and should be embraced.

We cannot guarantee you will receive an item identical to what is shown online. 


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With hand-written lyrics and an exclusive pink powder vinyl, these Clay by LB x Impressed Recordings records are limited to only twenty-five copies.

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